Department of Modern History

Head of the Department,

Department's staff 

The department was founded in 1947. The heads of the department were many prominent scientists such as M. Nersisyan (1947-1948), Ts. Aghayan (1948-1951), A. Hakobyan (1951-1980). From 1980 up to 2010 the post was held by Doct. V. Ghazakhetsyan. In 2010 Hamlet Harutyunyan was elected as the head of the department.
Directions of the department’s activity are many issues of the modern history of the Armenian people particularly the First Republic of Armenia (1918-1920) and Soviet period.
The researchers of this department have published numerous works some of which refer to the following issues _ The Soviet period (H. Elchibekyan, Ts. Aghayan, G. Galoyan), the rebellion in May of 1920 (G. Galoyan, Hovh. Karapetyan), the Armenian parliament in 1918-1920 (H. Avetisyan, A. Hakobyan), the treaty of Sevr (Hamb. Karapetyan), agrarian relations (V. Ghazakhetsyan, G. Geghamyan, S. Alahverdyan, E. Gevorgyan), the policy of England with Armenia (G. Makhmourian), the participation of the Armenians in the Second World War (A. Mnatsakanyan, E. Khaleyan, M. Sahakyan, K. Harutyunyan), liberating struggle of G. Nzdeh in Zangezur (V. Ghazaketsyan), national struggle for the independence of Artsakh (H. Harutyunyan, R. Azizbekyan), Armenian-Russian relations (K. Khachatryan) etc.