System of M.A. and Ph.D.

For the integration of education and different branches of science the International-Scientific Center of NAS RA (ISEC) organized courses for Master’s degree which aims to make qualified cadres for post-graduate studentship.
In 2005 within the system of ISEC was opened the department of "History" and in 2009 the department of "Foreign Affairs". The head of the department of "History and Foreign Affairs" is deputy director of the Institute of History of NAS RA, Candidate of History, associate professor K. Khachatryan. А group of high qualified scientists such as V. Barkhudaryan, S. Krkiasharyan, A. Melqonyan, N. Sarukhanyan, V. Vardanyan, St. Stepanyan, G. Khudinyan,. V. Ter-Ghevondyan are involved in the teaching staff . The selected students of the department will be able to continue their education in the post-graduate studentship of the Institute of History of NAS RA.

For further information you can visit M. Baghhramyan 24g, 11th floor or call. Tel. (+374 10) 524 812