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The department of Ancient History was created in 1943 and joint with the section of Middle Ages it became one of the most important parts of the institute. The first head of the department was prominent scientist, Academician Suren Eremyan. The subject of the department’s research was many-sided such as ancient culture, political and social-economic relations, cartography, source study etc. As a result of the division in 1963 the department of Ancient History became a separate part of the institute. Acad. G. Sargsyan was the first head of this department. His main works refer to the social-economic relations and also different researches devoted to an Armenian historian of the 5th century Movses Khorenatsy. In 1971 S. Eremyan was reelected in the post of the head. Then the head of the department was S. Krkiasharyan who is the author of a rich collection of scientific researches. Some of the results of S. Krkiasharyan’s productive scientific activity are the translations from old Greek the works of Herodotus, Xenophon and Plutarch. In 2010 Edward Danielyan was elected as the head of the department.
The researchers of this department have published numerous works some of which refer to the following issues of the Armenian history: Studies on the terms in the Armenian literary monuments (S. Kostanyan), the history of the Armenian Kingdom of Van (M. Israyelyan, H. Gharaghyozyan), the history of the Armenian cosmological mind in the 7th century (E. Danelyan), Armenian-Assyrian historical relation in the 3-5th centuries (H. Melkonyan), Armenian-Selevkian relations (Zh. Elchibekyan), Armenia in the times of the King of Tigran the Great (R. Manaseryan), the Hittite records and the Armenian kingdom of Van (V. Khachatryan), pre-Christian cult worships in Armenia (G. Vardumyan), Armenian Kingdom of Kommaghene (E. Margaryan) etc.