Department of Medieval History

Head of the Department, Shahnazaryan Artashes I., Candidate of History

Department's staff

1. Svazyan Henrik S., Leading researcher, Doctor of Sciences
2. Vardanyan Vrej M., Leading researcher, Doctor of Sciences
3. Ter-Ghevondyan Vahan A., Senior researcher, Candidate of History
4. Meliqyan Karine R., Senior researcher, Candidate of History
5. Thinoyan Davith F., Researcher, Candidate of History
6. Maghalyan Artak V., Researcher, Candidate of History
7. Uthujyan Aghavni A., Researcher
8. Gevorgyan Zohrab H., Researcher,Candidate of History Biography and publications
9. Thorosyan Vahe H., Researcher,Candidate of History
10. Vardanyan Argishti M.,Researcher,Candidate of History

11. Khachatryan Henrik
12. Nazaryan Liana S., Senior laboratorian
13. Grigoryan Mariam G., Senior laboratorian

The department of Medieval History was created in 1943. The first head of the department was prominent scientist аcademician Suren Eremyan. First achievements were the researches connected with 7th century’s geographical and historical important source “Ashkharacouyc” and restoration of the map of Armenia of the same period. On the basis of Arabian, Byzantine and Sеljuк sources were studied different issues of the Armenian history in these corresponding periods (A.Ter-Ghevondyan, H. Bartikyan, S. Bornazyan).
Studies on the history of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia are another important field of the department’s research (G. Miqayelyan, S. Bornazyan). The political and social-economic history of Armenia in the 13-14th centuries was thoroughly studied by L. Babayan. With new rich materials and documents were revealed some important questions of the liberating movements in Western Armenia in the 17th century (H. Anasyan). Using European and Eastern sources M. Zulalyan studied the social-economic condition of the Armenian people in the 13-18th centuries. There are many publication of some collections of sources such as the volumes of “Minor Chronicles” (V. Hakobyan), “Litarary Monuments of Armenian Manuscripts” (L. Khachikyan, V. Hakobyan, A. Hovhannisyan). The researchers of the department enriched the volumes of “Foregin Sources about Armenia and Armenians” which include new series of Arabian and Byzantine sources. Acad. H. Bartikyan published five volumes which basically refer to the Armenian-Byzantine relations. In 2010 candidate of history Artashes Shahnazaryan was elected as the head of the department.