Department of Armenian Periodicals and Public Mind

Head of Department, Doctor of Sciences, Kharatyan Albert A.

1. Gevorgyan Lida M., Chief researcher, Doctor of Sciences
2. Nazaryan Silva S., Senior researcher, Candidate of History 
3. Stepanyan Emma T., Senior researcher, Candidate of History
4. Kirakosyan Gaspar L., Researcher, Candidate of History
5. Hovsepyan Mariam V., Senior researcher, Candidate of History
6. Khurshudyan Anush V., Senior laboratorian
7. Yeranosyan Narine S., Senior laboratorian

Before 1965 the department of Armenian Periodicals and Public Mind was а part of the Institute of Literature of NAS RA. The head of the department was Art. Karinyan. In 1965 it was moved into the institute of History. 1965-1984 the department was managed by A. Mnatsakanyan, 1984-1991 by R. Khachatryan and from 1991 up to date this post holds Doct. A. Kharatyan.
The main subject of the department’s research is the history of periodicals, representatives of the public mind and finally the significance and appreciation of social directions in Armenian reality. The research activities of the department include not only particular periodicals but also various publications concerning the history of public mind. 
With joint efforts of the department workers and some researchers from abroad was published the First volume of “The History of Armenian Periodical Press (1794-1900)”(Cairo, 2005) which includes the history of periodicals from “Azdarar” to the beginning of the 20th Century. The Second volume will be published soon.