Department of New Ages

Head of the Department,Candidate of History Sahakyan Ruben O. 

Department's staff

1. Kostandyan Emma A.,Leading researcher, Doctor of Sciences
2. Melqonyan Ahot A., Leading researcher, Doctor of Sciences, Corresponding Member of NAS RA
3. Khudinyan Gevorg S., Leading researcher, Doctor of Sciences
4. Araqelyan Gohar R., Leading researcher, Doctor of Sciences
5. Muradyan Hakob Kh., Senior researcher, Candidate of History 
6. Karapetyan Armen H., Senior researcher, Candidate of History
7. Sargsyan Suren T., Senior researcher, Candidate of History
8. Ghambaryan Armenuhi V., Senior researcher, Candidate of History
9. Hayrapetyan Armen S., Researcher, Candidate of History
10. Sahakyan Arman G., Researcher, Candidate of History
11. Hovhannisyan Gegham H., Researcher, Candidate of History
12. Pluzyan (Ginosyan) Narine L., Researcher
13. Amirjanyan Hasmik H., Junior researcher, Candidate of History
14. Hakobyan Karen H., Senior laboratorian
15. Eranosyan Manyak M., Senior laboratorian
16. Nasibyan Seryoja K., Senior laboratorian

The Department of New Ages was created in 1944 when the section of History was divided into two parts. The heads of the department were famous scientists such as V. Rshtuni (1944-1948), V. Parsamyan (1948-1955), Ts. Aghayan (1955-1961, 1972-1980), A. Hovhannisyan (1961-1972), Az. Hambaryan (1980-2003). 2003-2011 the head of the department was Doct. E. Kostandyan. From 2011 the department is headed by R. Sahakyan.
The main subjects of the department՚s scientific research are the history and ideology of the national-liberating movements in Eastern and Western parts of Armenia (Ash. Hovhannisyan, Ab. Hovhannisyan, Ts. Aghayan, R. Hovhannisyan, E. Kostandyan), the social-economic and agrarian relations (Az. Hambaryan), Armenian-Russian relations (M. Nersisyan, Ash. Hovhannisyan, Z. Grigoryan, V. Parsamyan), the emergence of the Armenian Cause, ethnography (Ash. Melqonyan, G. Araqelyan, A. Sahakyan), the history of Armenian parties (G. Khudinyan, A. Karapetyan, G. Hovhannisyan, S. Sargsyan) etc.