Annual reporting meeting

On December 5, the annual reporting meeting of the NAS RA Institute of History took place. Director A. Melkonyan presented the work implemented by the Institute for 2022. He noted that the efficiency of work is steadily growing despite the reduction in the number of employees. During the meeting, it was also mentioned that there are more than 220 publications per year, which has already become a tradition for the Institute. In turn, the number of scientific papers in foreign languages has increased over 10 years from 11% to 32%. Scientific cooperation with other countries and Armenian scientific and educational institutions has largely expanded. The Institute was one of the organizers of three scientific conferences that have taken place this year in different cities of the Russian Federation. This year, cooperation agreements have been signed with three scientific and educational institutions of Georgia and Russia. 35 employees work part-time in 36 public institutions. Deputy Director K. Khachatryan, Heads of Departments A. Kharatyan, R. Sahakyan, G. Vardumyan, A. Marukyan, G. Stepanyan, Dr. of Sci. in Hist. G. Makhmuryan, Chairman of the Council of Young Historians V. Sargsyan and Academician-Secretary of the NAS RA Department of Armenian Studies of Yu. Suvaryan, delivered speeches and highly appreciated the work realized by the Institute for the year. Criticism was also voiced regarding the government program on joining the NAS RA institutes to universities.