On June 13-14, academician Ashot Melkonyan presented the cooperation of the NAS RA Institute of History with the scientific and educational institutions of the Russian Federation within the framework of the Armenian-Russian scientific and educational forum held in Yerevan. In particular, joint work with the World History Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the North Caucasian Federal University (NCFU) of the Russian Federation was highlighted.


Melkonyan referred to the large-scale work carried out with the Chair of International Relations of the NCFU (Chair: Professor Igor Kryuchkov) on the topic “The Armenian Question in International Relations (1895-1923)”. It was mentioned that the scientists of the two countries have published more than a dozen articles and one collective monograph on the topic. Another collective collection is being prepared for publication, which will include newly discovered materials related to the Armenian Question during the aforementioned period.