On October 28 the Institute of History of NAS RA the International Conference "The contribution of foreign Armenologists in the study of ancient and medieval history of Armenia" took place. The conference was devoted to the role of foreign Armenologists in the study of various problems of ancient and medieval history of the Armenians, historical geography of Armenia, Armenian culture and civilization values, was also represented the significance of their works in modern Armenology.


At the conference were made presentations by:

Eduard Danielyan, Doctor of History, Institute of History of NAS of RA- D. M. Lang's contribution to evaluation օf the civilization heritage of Armenia

Hayk Melik-Adamyan, Chriostofor Khachanov, Institute of geological sciences of NAS RA- Office of the President of NKR- Armenian Studies of German geologist Hermann Abich in Artsakh and Nakhijevan (to the 120th anniversary)

Tigran Aleksanyan, the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of NAS RA - Anatoly Yakobson’s activities against Azerbaijani falsification

Gohar Vardumyan, Ph.D., Institute of History of NAS RA- Coverage of issues on ancient Armenian religion and mythology in the works of foreign Armenologists

Arpi Vardumyan, Mashtots Matenadaran- Foreign authors about medieval Armenian music, Komitas and the khaz-signs

Albert Musheghyan, Ph.D., Institute of Literature after M. Abeghyan of NAS RA- King Armenios mentioned by Xenophon in the light of Movses Khorenatsi’s notice on Haykazun Haykak (The Other Haykak)

Aelita Dolukhanyan, correspondent member of NAS RA, Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan- Frédérick Macler as a researcher of the ancient and medieval Armenian history and culture

Gevorg Bardakchian, Foreign Member of the NAS RA, University of Michigan, USA- Developments and researches: the contribution of several young Armenologists to the studies on medieval Armenian history and literature

Vardush Harutyunyan, PhD, Yerevan State University of Linguistics and Social Sciences after V. Brusov- Coverage of issues оn Armenian history and language in the works of French Armenologists

Oksana Karapetian, Mashtots Matenadaran- About the written heritage of Jaroslav Dashkevich on the Kipchak Armenians

Karen Tokhatyan, Institute of History of NAS RA- Rock-art researcher Miroslav Kšica in Armenia

Alice Dumikyan, Ph.D., Institute of History of NAS RA- Contceptual approaches to the study of Van kingdom in the works of French Armenologists

Robert Ghazaryan, PhD, Institute of Oriental Studies of NAS RA- The contribution of Western historiography in the study of the history of Hayasa (Azzi)

Vahe Sargsyan, Institute of History of NAS RA- Van during the reign of Ishpuini and Menua and the formation of God Haldi’s cult according to C. F. Lehmann-Haupt

Ara Gevorgyan, Scientific and Medical Foundation Еаst-West, Ashtarak - About the military and political history in the era of Tigran II the Great in the study of Kurt Eckhardt