On the joint initiative of the ARF Armenian Committee of Greece, the periodical “Armenica”, the Pontic Union and the Panhellenic Union of Assyrians, the congress “Turkey’s consistent policy of conquest towards the Balkans, the Middle East, Mesopotamia and Armenia” took place on November 19 in the hall of the old Greek parliament building in Athens. The three speakers who took part in the congress presented Turkey’s policy from the 19th century to the present day and went into detail about the genocidal policy towards the neighboring peoples, which most recently found expression in the deportation of the Armenians from Artsakh.

Dr. Hist. Sci., Professor Armen Marukyan, Head of the Department of the History of the Armenian Question and the Armenian Genocide at the Institute of History of the NAS RA, presented the Turkish-Azerbaijani anti-Armenian policy in detail, starting with the 44-day war in Artsakh up to the depopulation of Artsakh. Based on cases and facts, the consequences of the Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression against Artsakh were shown and the conclusion was drawn that the Artsakh problem and the issue of the right to return of 140,000 refugees is not closed and continues to be the main problem of the Armenian people.

Prof. Ioannis Mazis, lecturer in geopolitical studies at the University of Athens, and Savas Kalenteritis, retired officer of the Greek Armed Forces and expert on military and political issues, also gave speeches.