From September 22-28, 2017, the regular International School of Young Historians on "The Complex Problems of the XX Century History" organized by the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS IWH) and the State Academic University of Humanities (SAUH) was held with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

This year, participants of the School were selected on a competitive basis. Among 36 young scientists, our Institute's staff members Nineta Adamyan and Jenny Tamaryan took part in the School's activities.


Academician Alexander Chubaryan, the Scientific Head of RAS IWH and Denis Fomin-Nilov, the Rector of SAUH, made speeches at the opening ceremony of the School of Young Historians.

Within the framework of the project, young scientists have listened to lectures of famous Russian and foreign specialists, participated in seminars and roundtable discussions as well as made their own projects on the complex issues of the XX century.

RAS IWH Academician Alexander Chubaryan, leading scholars Alexander Shubin, Harutyun Ulunyan, Uwe Klusman, the Editor of German magazine “Der Spiegel” and others delivered lectures to the School participants.     

In the framework of scientific-practical activities young historians participated in two international conferences entitled «Россия в мире. Зарубежная русистика: современные тенденции» (“Russia in the World. Foreign Russian Studies: Modern Tendencies”) and «Русская революция 1917 г. факты, осмысление, репрезентации» (“1917 Russian Revolution: Facts, Comprehension, Representations”) where speakers of more than 12 countries presented their reports.

The school was also accompanied by cultural events, museum visits (Военно-патриотический парк культуры и отдыха Вооруженных Сил Российской Федерации «Патриот», Национальный исследовательский центр «Курчатовский институт», Московская государственная консерватория им. П.И.Чайковского ("Patriot" Military-Patriotic Park of Culture and Resort of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, National Research Center of "Kurchatov Institute", Moscow State Conservatory after P. Tchaikovsky) etc.

At the end of the International School, the participants were rewarded with certificates.